Amazing to get to Know About Your Personality by Your Lipstick’s Shape


Women apply lipstick, and when they do so, it’s most likely an innocuous task which can be done quickly and quietly with a minimum amount of fuss. But, the way you apply lipstick and the shape that it turns into takes time and also reveals a lot about your personality.

The different types of lips shapes have been studies and put to you in this article! The shapes and sizes have seen a variety of lipstick shapes which were created by women over time, the product molding more to their mouth shape.

The shape of the lipstick cone, how a woman applies it can reveal a lot of things about her.

Shapes range from smooth and rounded to blunt and flat, their way to swipe on their favorite shades also says a lot.

Everything that’s associated with you reveals something or the other about your personality.

If the shape of your lipstick cone is Sharp and Tip-Top, then it’s believed that you’re an opinionated person and other people either love you or hate you,

If the Tip gets Rounded at some Point

If your lipstick gets rounded at a point, then you have a controversial personality. People either love you or hate you.

You are an opinionated person and don’t shy away from being vocal about it, what other people think about your firm views doesn’t make any difference to you. Indeed, the sharp features and qualities you have reflected through your pointed lipstick.

Despite having a bold personality, you are a good and supportive friend and will always be there when someone needs a friend.

Bullet’s flat on Top

Witty, intelligent and charming, these are your qualities. These are the traits of a woman who keeps the top of her lipstick all flat.

You have a pretty good sense of humor! (Wow! Note that!!) And your friends admire your wittiness. You can be stubborn at times when it comes to your views which can leave your loved ones frustrated.

You are a practical woman. You would rather watch a documentary than sit for a long romantic comedy movie.

This one here shows the wittiness and intelligence in you.

Lipstick is Rounded and Smooth

A Lipstick of this shape radiates your love for your family and friends. The smooth and round shape of the lipstick associated with deep feelings of care about family and your preference for large friends gathering instead of going out.

You are very creative and artsy, always taking pride in your talent as a creative writer, artist or musician, and enjoy to express yourself artistically.

That doesn’t imply that you are someone who doesn’t stick to rules. You tend to stay within bounds of society.

Lipstick Cone has a Slanted Curve

You are a sucker for rules, always have been! It is your signature lipstick shape.

You care about what other people think about you and always worry about disappointing people who make you conscious of every decision you make.

While these might look stressful, it also makes you very empathetic and lovable. It will help you succeed socially as well as professionally.

Top is flat but Concave

If the shape of your lipstick looks flat from the head with a curve of concave, you are very likely to be motivated and determined and always finish whatever project you start on.

You are also an intellectually curious person, tend to face all the challenges head high because you don’t shy away from risks.

Your carefree spirit might have landed you in trouble now and then when you were a kid, but now as an adult, it’s crucial for you to gain the much-required confidence to pursue your dreams.

Sides are Sharply-Angled

You are beautiful, intelligent, and a natural flirter- which to a surprise makes your friends a little jealous.

You are very outspoken and probably love karaoke as it gives you the chance to perform. You tend o take adventurous vacations than a tropical beach trip.

You might appear as a cocky person, but deep down you love who you are and are proud of it.

Lipstick has a Sharp Curve

If this is the standard shape of your lipstick, then it means you are one of the most romantic people in your group and always have a new crush or love interest.

You’re creative and put too much pressure on yourself sometimes.

Dogs are your favorite animals.

Top Slants on Sharp Diagonal

Similar to the tip of your lipstick, you don’t mess around. You are charismatic and ambitious which has helped you to prove yourself as a born leader.

You can be confused for a nig-headed person, but you’re easy to get on with it

You love to be the center of attraction at parties and your eagerness to control things can set off things with your friends.

But at the end of the day, you manage to make things happen.



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