Amazing Tips To Maintain The Natural Beauty Of Your Lips


As our eyes make our face attractive same as our lips also make our face looks attractive. Our lips lost their natural beauty over time because of the pollution and use of harsh cosmetics. And we used to use more cosmetics than before.

And the more use of cosmetics will lead to a loss of the natural beauty of the lips. We are here to share our tips with you other than the cosmetics to regain the natural beauty of the lips. These tips will make your lips beautiful, soft, and kissable.

1. Use Lipsticks Sparingly

Lipsticks are the mixture of pigments, wax, oils, fragrance, and alcohol. The different kinds of these elements are used to get the desired products. There are many chemicals present in the lipsticks which come into contact with our body when we use lipstick. And which is harmful to our body. Use the lipsticks only when you need it more. The chemicals present in the lipsticks are not suitable for your lips. Use the lipsticks with the moisturizers like Shea butter, Vitamin-E, Jojoba oil, etc. Use lip balms of the brands like Nivea, Maybelline on a daily basis instead of the lipsticks.


2. Keep your lips hydrated

Maintaining the required amount of water in our body will show the results on our skin. Lips are first body part which is essential to be perfect. It is mandatory to maintain the hydrate level of the lips by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. It will maintain the natural color and beauty of the lips. We can see dehydrated lips in the winters because we drink less water in the winters.


3. Avoid licking or biting your lips + moisturizer

Saliva makes your lips dry rather than moisturizing it. You should not lick your lips to make them wet. This will lead to darkening of your lips. And you are damaging your lips by biting them. You should keep a moisturizer lip balm for you to keep your lips moisturized. The best way to stop licking your lips is that first stop using flavored lip balms and second is making conscious efforts to get relieved of the stress.


4. Use lip products with SPF

Your lips get when they are exposed to harsh sun rays. The UV rays put a same harmful effect on your lips as it puts on your skin. You should use the lip products that contains SPF to protect your lips from sun rays.


5. Exfoliate at least once in a week

Our skin cells undergo a process of replacing dead skin with the fresh skin. Same happens with our lips. You should use the natural scrub for your lips at least once in a week to remove the dead skin from your lips. To make the natural lip scrub, mix olive oil and sugar. After scrubbing, apply lip butter or any moisturizer to your lips.


6. Retain the moisture in your lips

You must maintain the moisture in your lips otherwise it will lead to so many problems. You should spray some powder on your hankie and hold it on your lips for some time. And then press down slightly.


7. Avoid wrinkling around lips

Exposure to sun, smoking, and due to age, our lips get wrinkled. So avoid smoking if it is a reason for your wrinkled lips. And if the reasons are others then use a cream containing anti-aging ingredients like retinol.


8. Get rid of cold sores

The best way to get rid of cold sores uses a broad spectrum screen at all the times. And after using this use a lemon based cream.


9. Homemade beauty tips for lips

  • Make a mixture of little almond oil and honey. Massage your lips with it and leave it on your lips overnight.
  • Mix Vaseline with the olive oil and apply 3-4 times daily on your lips.
  • Get the mixture of lime juice and glycerine and apply on your lips daily to get lighten lips.



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