9 Funniest Matrimonial Ads On Newspapers By Indian !!!

As we all know that marriage in India is not Gameplay of pupets. Every young one is serious about his/ her marriage. No one want any kaos in their marriage. According to a survey there is fact like Indian spend their 74 % lifetime Income or Saving on their Children marriage. Is that fact blow your mind. Cause we all know how hard is it to earn money in india because of marketing fluctuation and business Infiltration. But we manage and just give our best in our produced one’s marriage. But what if you see some people who are dying for marriage and post foolish and stupid bio data to get married. We make sure to make you laugh.

Here is 9 Funniest Matrimonial Ads Will ROFL You, Guaranteed

 1. I am 48 but look like 40



[ecp code=”3″]2. Innocent divorcee? Well, it’s a new one



3. Mr President Trump, take a look over there.



4. “Curable”



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