8 Beautiful Tips To Make Your Eyes Look More Expressive

“Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea.”

It is the eyes that do the talking when words fail. Perfect eyebrows can hide a lot of defects. The most important that a woman should remember is to shape the eyebrows in such a way that they look natural. Eyes are the most expressive and attractive part of the face. It is rightly said that eyes are the windows to a woman’s soul. Girls always look for numerous ways to accent their eyes and make them look beautiful. When it comes to doing the makeup, women need extra time in playing up the eyes to make sure the eyes look amazing. It defines beauty emotions and love.

Here are some of the secret tips that will help you to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

1. Accentuate Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the main decorations of the face as they serve as a crowning glory. You can enhance the eyebrows using eyebrow pencil, wax, and shadows. Light eyebrows will give a dull look so to fix this fill the eyebrows with makeup tools to achieve beautiful arching eyebrow look.

2. Invest In A Good Highlighter

Highlighter gives a glowing look to the skin. To make eyes more expressive, contour the eyebrows with a highlighter and apply some on the inner corners of the eyes. Highlighter gives a glow to the skin and helps in highlighting the eyes.

3. Go For Cat Eyes

It is the most popular eye make up techniques that never goes out of fashion. It makes eyes brighter and expressive. Contouring the eyebrows and the inner corners of the eye with a highlighter makes them more expressive. Arrows never go out of style, so use eyeliner to draw beautiful curved lines. Cat look is a great way to add a touch of sensuality and make your eyes stand out. Always use a winged eyeliner, this will make your eyes more suggestive.

4. Smoky Eyes For The Win

Smoky eyes are very popular among the celebrities. This eye makes up gives a very bold and dramatic look. It grabs a lot of attention. It can go from office desk to dinner date and manage to make you appear fresh, glamorous and expressive. Also, smoky look gives the eyes a broader and more pleasing appearance.

5. Highlight Your Eyes With White Eye Pencil

Trace the upper lid with a white pencil and flick the pencil towards the outer corner of the eye. You can blend it gently with a brush. To create more dramatic effect use the pencil to the inner rim of the eyes. Also, by applying white pencil to the inner edges of the eye can make them look more attractive and more prominent.

6. Curl Your Eyelashes


Curling the eyelashes makes them look more beautiful and natural on the other hand straight eyelashes give a tired and unnatural look. To bring eyes natural beauty to the fullest use an eyelash curler, this can make your eyes more attractive and pretty.

7. Top It Of With Mascara

Mascara lengthen the eyelashes and makes them look pretty. Before applying mascara make sure that it’s liquid enough to give an elegant coat thereby adding volume to the eyelashes. Take the mascara, place the wand at the base of the lashes, holding the wand vertically, pay attention to every lash.

8. Keep You Lips Nude

If you want to enhance, your eyes go for light lip color. Light shiny lips or nude color will give a perfect look. Going for darker and more vibrant shades takes the spotlight away from the eyes. Nude shades complement the skin tone whereas bright red or pink lips tone down the rest of the makeup.


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