7 Morning Habits That Should Be Avoided To Improve Lifestyle


It is a common observation that a person who is living in a company in which all the people have many bad habits, he also start following them. Then it becomes tough to leave these habits. I am not only talking about smoking, drinking alcohol and gambling. Do you live in a group where your companions drink a cup of coffee before leaving their house in the morning or if they waste their 10 minutes in searching their clothes to wear that day? Such activities may spend your crucial morning time due to which you get late for your work and then you run from your house to the place you have to go.

It is essential to change these habits and improve them by accepting some of the good one in the day-to-day life. So, let us work on seven essential tips that everyone follows, but we should leave these habits to save our morning time.

I am sure after avoiding these habits you can improve your lifestyle by applying your crucial time at the right place and get out of your house on time.

1. Skipping A Shower In The Morning

It is seen in almost every home that we avoid listening to the morning alarm, and then we think of excluding some activities from our schedule to get at our place on time. One of the most important habit that we should eliminate from our routine is, taking a shower to get ready on time. However, it is said by people that we should take a morning shower daily to maintain our hygiene and to keep our mind fresh and active. But we should not stand under a shower for a long time. These spend our lot of time and thus, wasting our crucial time.

2. Taking A Hot Shower

In today’s generation, almost everyone stands under a hot shower to get a bath on a cold day to feel better and relaxation. But do we get a relaxing feeling after taking a hot shower? Indeed, the feeling you get after taking a hot shower makes you go to bed and sleep again. Also, a hot shower leaves your pores of skin open, which can further lead to pimples. So, if you take a hot shower, you are more likely to get a pimple due to the entrance of germs and dirt in your skin through the pores that you get after taking a hot shower.

3. Checking Your Phone Too Long


Today is a time when we can say that mobiles have become an essential part of our daily life. In this era of technology and social media, people do not leave their house without checking notifications of their friends and other people. This is one of the bad habits to which we have got addicted. Mobile is not a dangerous device, and it is a tool which has made our life easy. But the addiction that we have got to mobile phones is terrible. So, you should make sure that you are using mobiles, but are not addicted to it. Spend as little time on mobile as you can. Leave it and focus on other morning activities such as taking breakfast and taking a bath!

4. Choosing Your Outfit

One of the worst things that we do in the morning which wastes our essential time is deciding which clothes to wear. The morning time is the time when you in hurry and confusion. So, not only you spend your waste your crucial minutes in deciding the clothes, but also you often choose wrong garments in confusion.

Ergo, the best way to save your time and choose right clothes is to decide the clothes in the night as you would not be wasting your time in the morning and so you can utilize this saved time in other morning activities. Also, choosing the clothes in the night prior, provides you time to iron your clothes. Make sure you keep all your work clothes together as it would be easy to choose the clothes to wear in the morning if all your work clothes are held together.

5. Eating A Bowl Of Cereal

Cereal is one of most comfortable and convenient thing that you can prepare in the morning, but if I want to talk in the matter of your diet, it is an inferior choice. One chapatti made of cereals contains almost four tablespoons of sugar. Also, adding milk, yogurt or any other dairy product, makes it more unhealthy. It is not only a sick breakfast, but it also wastes your crucial time. Instead, eating fruits in the morning is a better choice as it is healthy and requires no time for preparation. However, if you have extra time, you can eat eggs and bacon.

6. Brushing Your Teeth Right After A Meal

It can be commonly observed that people prefer to brush their teeth after taking the meal especially when they are late as brushing the teeth directly after the breakfast saves the time. Although this is not the wrong thing to do, we tend to brush our teeth immediately after the meal due to lack of time. However, when we have just finished our meal, the enamel of our teeth is so sensitive because of acids in juices, fruits, and other food items. So, brushing the teeth immediately after taking the meal can damage our enamel. So, we should rinse our teeth with water. However, if you want to brush your teeth after the meal, try waiting for about 30 minutes.

7. Drinking Black Coffee

People are commonly tensed due to their increasing cortisol. One of the essential reasons for this is drinking back coffee in the morning just after waking up. Cortisol increases your anxiety level. Furthermore, if you do not take any food item except black coffee, you are likely to suffer from gastritis. So, it is good to add milk to the coffee.

If you have worked on these bad habits, getting rid of these will help you to stay healthy, to save precious time in the morning and to maintain proper hygeine also.

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