14 Simple Ways Women Can Make Men Go Crazy


Keeping guy’s attention towards you is not a big Task. So that doesn’t mean he had loses his freedom and just under the extension of his girlfriend.

Men are very simple human being. But they have complex qualities. So every man has different nature. That means they have different choices for their partners. Don’t get me wrong. It does not only mean physical appearance, but it is related to qualities that women should have for them. So here is a list that would help you to tell about the ways that would make men gone crazy about his partner.


1. Throw Pretense Out Of The Window


So a couple in a relationship should be right to each other. So women should be faithful to his men and should never be unreal in front of him. When he is around you be the real you. If you want him to be your life partner than you both should be faithful to each other. So that you can know each other. Because fakeness fades with the time.

2. Show Him That You Respect Yourself


Self-respect is the essential part of your life. Never lose this for anyone. Because if you can’t love your self then how could you show him what type of love you want.

3. Don’t Shy Away From Physical Intimacy


You should never shy in front of your partner. You should place your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat because it feels so peaceful. It makes thinks that how much you trust him. If this thing does not make him crazy about you, then nothing else can do so!

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