14 signs to tell you whether you and your friend is best friend forever or not.


Friends are the family one chooses for itself. Best Friends are almost something indescribable. They are there for you no matter what the circumstance, looking on without judgment with only your best interests at heart.

“Best Friends Forever” or Bff is often a term used to describe a close friendship. We often use it for our one special friend. But do you know whether he/she is going to stay with you forever? Let us here see some of the signs that will tell you whether you are best friends forever or not.

1.You know each other’s  darkest and deepest secrets and will never spill it out to anyone.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship or friendship. You trust each other so much that you know every secret of other and are going to keep it safe with you and carry it to your graves.

2.You never miss a chance to insult each other.

The best thing about the friendship is that you can insult each other just randomly as you want. After all, you know the other won’t take it seriously.

3.You spend the best moments when you are with each other.

Your time spent with your best friend is the best quality time of the day. And that time adds to the best memories of your life. You can just relive those memories to be happy and can laugh about it forever.

4. Even if you have not met each other for weeks, when you see each other finally, it seems that the last meeting was just yesterday.

When you meet each other finally, all memories and your sweet meetings come to your mind so promptly as if you were with each other forever and that’s the sweet bonding that you share with each other.

5.You both owe each other money but trust that you will pay it off.

Your trust each other is so perfect that you will never ask for your money. And you know what that there is always a next time to come.

6.Even a big fight doesn’t last very long.

Even if you get into a pretty big fight with each other, you know you will make it up very soon. You will always try to sort it out eventually as you cannot live without talking to her for very long.

7. You can have anything from each other’s kitchen without feeling awkward.

The words like discipline and etiquettes do not exist in your friendship. You are very much open to each other. Even more than to your siblings.

8.Whenever one of you gets a new job or new boyfriend, the other one is more excited about it.

Excitement is at its peak. An advance plan sheet is already prepared by the other.

9.Incidentally or coincidentally, you hate same people.

Whether there is a genuine reason or not, you will hate the person your friend hates.

10. You know each other’s passwords and inside-out of the wardrobe.

The intense love and faith between you will assure you the safety of all your passwords, and therefore, there will be nothing hidden between you.

11. Whatsoever is the situation; your friend is always at your back.

Not only he is there to lift you up when you fall, but he is also there for you to erase sadness from your life and to tackle your bad mood swings.

12. A secret communication language that is hidden from others.

You and your bond communicate in the language of emojis and expressions that no one else is gonna understand.

13. Your bestie is the first one to like and comment on your social media pics.

Whenever you post a pic on social media, your best friend is gonna like and comment most hilarious comments on your pic, and that too would be in some coded language.

14. You never feel the need to wear your pants with each other.

Changing clothes in front of your bestie seems to be no longer awkward.

Indeed, if you and your friend share such a sweet and cute bonding with each other, then he is your real Bff. So, just hug him, and you will own all the treasures of the world. Just keep him forever with you as you just cannot afford to lose him.




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