13 Reasons Why Season 2- Things That People Liked And Those That they Didn’t


The second season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix has already been protecting itself over the creative decisions of hard to watch and also has faced many calls from the parents and teens to cancel the show. No doubt to admit that season one of the show had many mistakes and many imperfections that had provided considerable discussion on the graphics topics and so on. But season two, which was also not so perfect but still it had given a number of good moments that had helped to correct the imperfections of season one with an approach that it sparked was much more self-aware following the tough conversations.

But there are many things that we liked about the season two of the 13 Reasons Why and some are also that shows the unusual behavior in the second season.

Let us check out the things that we liked the most about the second season of the 13 Reasons Why:

LIKED: The fallout after Hannah’s suicide

One of the biggest appraisals of the season one was that it glamorizes suicide and cover the fatal act as a revenge fantasy. But season two sought to correct that by showing the harsh reality that Hannah had left behind. Her biggest gesture did not have any good impact in that way as the people behave. It is so worse to see that she has negatively affected those people who wanted to help her and she had not affected at all to those to whom she wanted to condemn.

Through the fallout, we can see the different ways that how grief can manifest. Olivia ( Kate Walsch ), became obsessed with the trial, scanning every clue that Hannah had left behind and also with a glass of wine nearby her. Clay fluctuate between extreme anger, defeat and conspiring with the ghost Hannah who was not a helpful poltergeist but was more a hallucination of grief. Mr. Poter, her guidance counselor, completely became guilt-ridden but also been caught up in bureaucracy to be productive. Yet it is another reminder that we do not all deal with the situation in the similar way, that is, the same situation in the same way.

LIKED: The other sides of Hannah’s story 

Almost every student hold responsible for wronging Hannah on her tapes blamed her for not telling the truth, but the supporters of Hannah insisted that the tapes were her truth. Never having the chance to hear the truth of her condemn, the first season shows that the first season had left the viewers to think that Hannah had suicide because of her logical choice.

The accused are given a chance through Hannah’s trying to tell the sides of their story and there is a refreshing look that shows that the choice that Hannah had made was not only her option. And this ultimately shows itself through her relationship that was hidden with high school jock Zach Dempsey ( Ross Butler ). Over the season we have seen that Zach was a sensitive guy who is not only a note-stealing jerk but was also caught up in a culture that prospers on toxic masculinity.

LIKED: Jessica’s post-assault progress 

Jessica ( Alisha Boe ) posts her assault journey that had shown the experience of life after rape, which was in stark contrast to the story of Hannah, which fell apart at the hands of the same rapist. This season, things were not so easy for Jessica. She was not able to sleep on her own bed, she was also shamed publicly, and she had also lost ownership over her body as she was pushed to take control of her narrative.

But she still continues and ultimately a point came in her life at which she wants to get better. She wanted to fight to get much better because not everyone is able to get better like Hannah who was not able to get. And undoubtedly, Jessica found ways to manage her trauma.



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