’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Soon Going To Premiere This Year To Answer Burning Questions Of Season 1


13 Reasons Why is an American mystery teen drama web television which based series on the novel of the same name. The story plot based on the two students, Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker, who are good friends to each other. Hannah commits suicide because on some conditions that were prevailing in her school. She left a box of cassette tapes in which she gave thirteen reasons for ending up her life. The series has always received positive reviews from the audiences. And all of them praised the acting of cast members. The series first premiered on 31 March 2017 for thirteen episodes, and this time again the show creators are back with the new series going to premiere in 2018.

Dylan Minnette has uncovered some of the details about the second season of the series. The official filming of the season is over and going to release soon. The last season of the show has left many people’s burning questions unanswerable. And the star Hannah was nominated for Golden Globe award to give the best performance as an actress in the television series of the shows.

The actress portraying Hannah also explained, “Words can not express my sheer excitement and gratitude for being nominated by the HFPA this morning for portraying ‘Hannah Baker,’ a young woman whom I have come to love and understand genuinely.”

“Hannah’s story resonated with so many people, and I feel genuinely grateful to Netflix, Paramount TV, Brian Yorkey, Tom McCarthy, Selena Gomez, and all of our tremendous producers…and to our incredibly talented cast – who are also my dear friends, and our fantastic crew for bringing this story to life.”

Dylan Minnette told the Yahoo entertainers, “Season 2 is a couple of month after Season 1, and there’s a lot that’s happened to Clay in between. You’re playing catch-up when you start, and you see where Clay’s at.” In the last to next episode of the series, Clay was familiar with the main reason for Hannah committing suicide. The truth was out that Bryce has raped both Hannah and Jessica. And in the coming fourteenth episode Clay will finally confess Bryce that he is one of the reasons for Hannah’s death. And the tape will be given to Mr. Porter.  And this idea changed Clay’s life to the end, and he went away with Tony and Skye with Hannah’s tape.

Dylan also said “Clay’s trying to live his life… but I think Hannah, his life with her, and everything with the tapes, is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to him, and I don’t think he’ll ever be able to escape it, no matter how hard he tries.”

But still, the story is not over. Clay will reach to the depth of the reasons for suicide. And this time all will get familiar with the character of Hannah not only with the role of Clay. The impact of Hannah’s death to other people will also reveal in the coming season. Every point shown in the series of the first season is all based on Hannah and Clay. But things will appear differently in the next season. Even there will be a change in the character of Hannah. She will look and play differently this time. And hope the people will like this new change and hope the show will add more audiences.




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