’13 Reasons Why’ Anne Winters: You Should Know More About The Actress Behind Chloe

Anne Winters is an American actress. So, who plays the role of Chloe? Well, Anne Winters plays Chloe in the second season of Netflix’s drama series ’13 Reasons Why’. But there are still a lot of more things about the Emmy Award-winning actress that you must be wondering to know. Many people think that Anne is just a stereotypical cheerleader and a favorite girl, but they do not know everything about Anne that she is much more than what you think about her.

Let us check out here the list to know much more about the co-star of ’13 Reasons wWhy’, that is Anne Winters.

1. How old is Anne Winters from ’13 Reasons Why’?

Anne Christine Winters was born on June 3, 1994. She is an American actress. She is about 23 years old, and her star sign is Gemini. She is a very famous star and most popularly known for her roles in FX’s series Tyrant as Emma Al-Fayeed, in the Netflix’s series ’13 Reasons Why’ as Chloe Rice, ABC’s series Wicked City as Vicki Roth.

2. How tall is Anne Winters?


Anne Christine Winters is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Even though Anne did not land in the season one of 13 Reasons Why but she was seen to be very excited to play the role of Chloe, one of Liberty High’s Cheerleaders in the season two. And according to IMDB, Anne played Kelsey, one of the friends of Mariana., from 2013 to 2014.

3. What else has Chloe from ’13 Reasons Why’ been in?

It may be quite impressive to know Anne from her various previous roles on television. Anne has appeared in ‘Liv and Maddie’ as well as she has a recurring role as Kelsey in the ABC drama series ‘The Fosters.’ She has also played the regular role of Emma Al-Fayeed in the drama series Tyrant, created by Gideon Raff for FX network, also as Vicki Roth in the ABC’s series Wicked City. In 2017, she had become the lead in the television show of go90 ‘Zac and Mia’, representing teenage cancer patient Mia Philips.

4. Anne Winters won a Daytime Emmy in 2018.

In 2018, she had won an “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Digital Daytime Drama Series” at the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for her role as Mia Philips in the show, Zac, and Mia., for her performance in the role. Anne at the 2016 Nice International Film Festival had won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the drama film The Tribe.

5. Who plays Chloe In ’13 Reasons Why’?

Anne Christine Winters plays the role of Chloe in the second season of ’13 Reasons Why’, a television series on Netflix. Anne had not worked in the first season of the show, but she had joined the cast in the second season of the show. And she had entered the show as “It” girl and a cheerleader in a relationship with Bryce Walker. We know that Bryce Walker in the show is the character who had raped multiple girls in the past.

Of Chloe, Anne had told the IBT that she is conflicted a lot, but she does hold her own. And many ones think that she is a very strong character of the show. And even she can hold her own the whole situations. And she also fights for what is right and what is wrong. Yes, of course, she had not work in the first season of the show, but after seeing her work in the second season, nobody can repeat the former thing.

6. Will Chloe keep her baby in ’13 Reasons Why’ season 3?

At the end of the second series of the show ’13 Reasons Why’, we discover that Chloe is pregnant with the baby of Bryce Walker. After revealing Jessica and the others with her testimony about Bryce, it is not clear at all that why she stuck with Bryce knowing that while unconscious he had assaulted her. And then it was revealed in the final episode of the show that in actual, Chloe is pregnant with the baby of Bryce. And if she had kept it as a secret, then it will remain unclear.

7. Who is Anne Winters’ Boyfriend?

On the Instagram of Anne Winters, it is found that she had shared many photos of her and with her boyfriend, Taylor Beau Makohoniuk. Well, you ought to be wondering to know about Taylor. That who is he and what is his profession. But let us know about Taylor here. Taylor is a musician and a singer in Young Reckless Saints.

There are many photos of Anne on the Instagram that are found with Taylor, but many are still in the doubt that if he is in actual her boyfriend or just only a friend. But many are entirely sure that he is the boyfriend of Anne.

8. Anne Winters will appear in Kevin Hart’s ‘Night School.’

In September 2017, Anne had begun the production on the ‘Night School’ ( Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish ). Night School is a comedy film that is directed by Malcolm D Lee. Anne plays as Mila, a hipster from a wealthy family who enrolls in a GED programme. Well, there are many ones who are waiting for the movie ‘ Night School,’  and it will be quite amazing for you to know that the movie will be in the theatres in September 2018.

9. Anne Winters’ ABC pilot ‘Grand Hotel’ was picked up by the network

The next big project of Anne will be the Eva Longoria produced by the ABC series ‘Grand Hotel.’ In the March of 2018, it was confirmed that Anne Winters and Bryan Craig would be the regulars on the series ‘Grand Hotel’. But still, now, it does not show any effect on Anne while doing work for the second season of the show ’13 Reasons Why’. And it is also unclear that while it will affect the participation of Anne in the third season of ’13 Reasons Why’ and if it is yes then the viewers will be waiting to know that how it will affect her participation in the show?

So, these were some things that many people were waiting to know about Anne Winters. And there will be nothing wrong to assume that all the doubts about Anne Winters as Chloe are clear.


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