12 Zodiac Signs that should remain Single

Zodiac signs play a crucial role in every aspect of a person’s life. They play an essential role in a person’s luck and characters. Our future ventures and success are determined. The fate of your love life or marriage is also set according to your lucky stars. There are chances that if you’re left single, it’s in the stars. Have a look.

1. Aries (March21st-April19th):

Being single suits your personality and keeps you content. You are an enthusiast, crazy; relationship restricts you in specific areas. Therefore, you are better off being single.


2. Taurus (April20th-May21st)

Your fear of being hurt or getting your sentiments damaged restricts you from getting into a relationship. You understand depths of every emotion, especially pain hence, you value the feeling and constraint yourself from falling in love or getting into a relationship.

3. Gemini (May22nd-June21st)

You are single because you have an unstable mind which leads to unstable thoughts. You want your partner to be like you and understand you. You wish for a stable relationship and want to give all in but the next day, you might not want to be in a relationship.


4. Cancer (June22nd-July22nd)

These people are single and satisfied with the type and number of people in their life. You are comfortable with the love you receive from your loved ones. People with this zodiac sign feel less requirement of relationship in their lives.


5. Leo (July23rd-August22nd)

These people are self-sufficient and hence don’t need another person in their life. They are well aware of themselves, their weaknesses, their strengths and their likes. They don’t need someone else who might want to show them their worth.


6. Virgo (August23rd-September22nd)

These people have a problem with receiving less than what they deserve. Therefore, they wished to remain single and loved don’t confide in another person.


7. Libra (September23rd-October22nd)

Libra people are mostly surrounded by their loved ones, who are true and close. This counteracts the fact that they might need someone else in their life. They are never really alone and hence don’t feel the need of another person.


8. Scorpio (October23rd-November22nd)

They are busy people and don’t have enough time to do other things. The lack of time is a great factor that determines their being single. They keep their career in higher strata and respect their personal space in a relationship.


9. Sagittarius (November23rd-December22nd)

Sagittarius people believe that love is the only thing that keeps them together. It keeps them complete. They have an excellent adventure for exploring themselves and hence don’t restrict themselves in the form of a relationship.


10. Capricorn (December23rd-January22nd)

You, a Capricorn love things that move on along with time and that is probably the only reason that keeps you from being in a relationship. You have a different idea of a relationship, you think that you might have to change in a relationship, therefore, you keep yourself away.


11. Aquarius (January23rd-February22nd)

These people are in search of a perfect partner and true love. Until they find their right person, they like to be single. A relationship is not something casual for them. It is far from casual.


12. Pisces (February23rd-March22nd)

They have plenty of love for themselves and share it with others very generously. They don’t abide by the idea of sharing the love with a single person only.




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1 Comment

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