12 Eyeliner Hacks to Save Your Day!


Hey there beauties! Aren’t we all a fan of winged, cat or the classic eyeliner!? Don’t we all love to make it quick on a hectic day? Don’t worry ladies I’ve got some crazy genius everyday hacks to save time. Let’s out trick the winged eyeliner, be hassle-free. Have a look, girls!


1. Make your eye makeup last longer.



Worried about the fading eyeshadow when your work hour not finished yet? Don’t worry love; I’ve got some simple trick for you. For the long-lasting effect of the pencil liner, apply some eyeshadow of the same color. This binds the liner particles with the eyeshadow, giving it a temporary long life.


2. Begin the outline with a pencil for a fine shape of liquid eyeliner.

Before you start your trip towards mastering the winged eyeliner, trace the outline with a pencil liner. Now, apply over the marked liner with a liquid liner. This way it will save you the energy of turning your everyday style to smokey eyes. Use this hack and get ready in 5mins instead of 20!



3. Make a less pigmented eyeshadow more prominent.

For this, apply the white eyeliner to your complete eyelids then apply the desired eyeshadow. Using the white eyeliner evens the color tone of the eyelid skin, providing a better background for the eyeshadow to radiate its color.


4. Get your custom eyeliner.

Well, this is an easy one. All you need is to wet your brush and apply the eyeshadow. This will darken the eyeshadow pigment and provide you an eyeliner finish. Make matching eyeliners for everyday outfits! This will increase your style quotient.


5. Use gel liner with a thick arch for monolids.

Begin from the mid of the eyelid, creating a thick main arch, now extend it towards the end of a smooth finish. When you close your eyes, it might seem a lot of liners but when you open them, that’s when the magic is. The perfect shape of liner for your beautiful eyes!


6. Create a natural eyelift.

Apply the white eyeliner to the top and bottom of your beautiful brows, then smudge it using a beauty sponge. This will merge the liner to your skin tone, making it a little lighter tone, providing a natural lift altogether.

Quite the hack! Eh?


7. Create your Gel Liner.

Using a lighter, warm the tip of your kohl liner for few minutes. This binds the kohl particles and smoothens them. Also, providing a gel finish on applying. Don’t worry when you run out of gel liner, heat your kohl and you’re on the go.

Fun, aren’t these hacks?


8. Master your perfect eyeliner shape.

For a beginner, creating the perfect smooth line for eyeliner is a dream! Here’s a hack for you. Create the rough outline of the eyeliner, then using a cotton swab and petroleum jelly, clean out the excess exposing the perfect shape. Go on, try it!


9. Here’s something for the natural look.

For fuller, natural eyelashes apply the eyeliner on the inner side of the eyelid, exposing only the beautiful side. This will give a natural look at your eyelashes and eyelids! Go sport this naturally fascinating look.


10. Get an easy way to the ultra-straight line.

Create a row of small points on the rim of your eyelids, carefully keeping the width in mind. Join the points and get this super easy straight liner. Maths does come in use sometimes!



11.  The mesmerizing Ombre eyeshadow effect.

Ombre, the subtle and beautiful shade of eyeshadow. This effect goes from a light shade turning into a darker effect. Start with applying a lighter shade from the inner side of your eyelids, covering 1/3rd using shade such as white. Now, using a darker eyeliner start form the end, moving towards the middle stop halfway. Using a blend brush, smudge and smoothen the transitioning shades. Take a breath for you have created a beautiful ombre effect!

Way to go!


12. Create a cat eye using a spoon!

Take a spoon, using it’s curved surface place it on your eyelids in a tilting manner. This marks the upper side of the liner, now using the handle stick, outline the lower shape. There! You get an easy yet beautiful cat eyeliner shape.



Follow these amazing and simple hacks for a hassle-free morning or even a party!

You’re Welcome, ladies. Hope you benefit from the hacks.

Good Luck Folk!



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