High heels are dreamy shoes that have a touch of beauty and can transform even a dull outfit into a trendy one. Heels are of many kinds, stilettoes being the most famous and loved are in every girl’s wardrobe! Who doesn’t love to be on the trend? Are you aware of the types of high heels? Here are some:

  • Kitten heels
  • Pumps
  • Stilettoes
  • Ankle strap heels
  • Cone heels
  • Slingback heels

One should always be aware of the kind of outfit they are carrying and also know the type of heels they are wearing!

High heels particularly are of great benefit. One, they make you look tall. Two, they enhance your personality. Three, they make you look confident.

But, of course, these heels aren’t as beautiful as they look. They pose a lot of discomforts sometimes. It is stated by orthopedic doctors that wearing the wrong kind of heel may impair the bone structure of your feet. It might even cause permanent damage. Therefore, deciding the right kind of heel is very important.

Heels possess various types of inconveniences such as blisters, pain, straining posture.

Here are some hacks for your high heels:

1. Freeze your Heels

A new heel is usually compact, and the material isn’t breathable. So, keep your brand new heel in the freezer for some time. Also, place a zip bag filled with water inside your heel. This expands the material. This also stretches the heels and makes it easier to fit your feet.


2. Apply roll-on Deodorant on edges

The sides of a heel are always ready to give you blisters which can be very nasty. To avoid this, apply some vaseline or roll-on deodorant to reduce friction between your skin and the heel material. This will prevent the blisters, also making it easier for you to slide in your feet.


3. Tape your Toes

Wearing high heels applies pressure at your feet in many different ways. To avoid unequal pressure and swelling of your toes, tape your 3rd and 4th toe together. This reduces the extra pressure build up.


4. Avoid sweating by Dry Shampoo

Sweating is a natural process of body undergoes cleansing. Our feets are no exception. The smooth and leathery texture of the heel’s sole make our feet sweaty, or prolonged wearing of footwear make our feet sweaty. This sweat can impart foul smell or give you blisters on your feet. To avoid this, apply a coating of dry shampoo before you wear your heels.


5. Regain shine by using Vaseline

Our shoes lose the shine when they have been worn for a long time or have been exposed to dust. Frankly, this is quite annoying! (also, natural). But here’s a tip for you. Apply a coat of vaseline on the heels to regain its shine. The glossiness comes back.


6. Use cushions and insoles for comfort

The insides of our heels aren’t very comfortable, but they can be turned into comfortable ones. Use insoles and cushions to provide the support your feet require.

 If there aren’t any present when you buy them, go for a branded and good insole/cushion from the market for your heel.

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