11 ways in which you can have an easy break-up with your life partner


Relationships are the most meaningful element of anyone’s life because it provides the most profound fulfillment, but it is not necessary that associations offer everyone happiness and relief. Sometimes, relationships don’t work out, and that is entirely admittable as everyone has a right to live with his own choices. Sometimes, a person and his partner share no viewpoints due to which living with such a partner gives you no happiness. So, in these cases, it is most preferred to break-up with the partner as you don’t need to be too hard on yourself. However, in such a case you should make sure that you and your partner are not much hurt and try to make it a little messy break-up. So, here are 11 ways in which you can have an easy split-up with your partner.


1. Don’t delay speaking your mind

Just when you have a mind that your relationship is not working efficiently, you should just say it to your partner. In such a case you would be more honest with him, and moreover, he will have quite enough time to react to it and to accept it.


2. Don’t send out confusing signals

Just be faithful to your partner whether you want to live with him or not. Don’t pretend to act happy with him if you are not. Don’t communicate with him after you have broken up with him. It will be hurting him less if your intentions are already clear to him.


3. Don’t hide behind your smartphone

Having a breakup is already a very critical situation for you and your partner. The least you can do about it is that you should never break-up over WhatsApp or a phone call. Just say it to him on his face and listen to him after all he deserves it.


4. Don’t play the blame game

Don’t try to blame and accuse each other of your mistakes. You should be responsible for your actions. Even if the other is at fault, there is no need to argue or have a fight over it. Just do it with dignity.


5.Don’t beat around the bush

You should be clear to him regarding your intentions. You should be honest with him regarding the fact that how your feelings have changed for him. In this way, it would be easier for him to accept it.


6.Don’t stay back just because you are afraid

You should only stay again if you still love him. Well, if this is not the case, just be free to speak to him. Your visiting him back will only harm both of you. Don’t just stay again in the fear what will the other end up doing.


7. Don’t be ambiguous

Don’t keep them in false hopes. Don’t hold them wondering that you will be back to him. Just be clear to him that “this is it” so that both of you can move on in your lives.


8.Don’t be ungrateful

Break-up in itself is a very devastating experience. It’s a very hurting experience; hence at this time, you should be grateful to each other for having such cute and sweet memories, those moments. It will also lighten up your situation.


9. Don’t have a break-up conversation without being prepared

A break-up situation is a lifetime decision. You should put all your thoughts and time into deciding whether you want to break-up or not. You should also try to anticipate your partner’s reactions to your say. Although it is not entirely practical, at least try giving it some thought.


10. Don’t share hurtful stuff on public platforms.

Personalised issues should remain at the personal level. They shouldn’t be shared on the public level. It is okay that people enjoy by posting and uploading their current status on social media, but you should be little cautious in such times. After having a breakup, you should be very careful in posting any pics or comments on social media.


11. Don’t get back together even if there is an iota of doubt in your mind

Once you have broken up with a person, it is challenging to move on in your life. It is difficult to find new love in your life, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go back in a relationship with that person. Your future may look scary, and your past may seem familiar, but you need to move on.

Hence if you want to break up but doesn’t want to hurt your partner much, these points may help you to do so without worrying him much.



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