10 Steps To do Pedicure At Your Home

In the modern world, each girl knows how to keep themselves beautiful and fit. They apply various methods so that there is a good state of each part of the body. The pedicure is also one of the makeup techniques which done on the feet and mainly adopted by present girl generation. It is to keep your feet and toenails in the healthy state. With this, the dead skin of the feet gets rubbed off and removes tough stone of your feet. A girl can do anything which keeps their feet look beautiful and healthy. But if you want a proper procedure to keep feet fit, you need to work on it. Your feet need adequate care to look pretty.

Here are some home way steps which will help you keep your feet healthy and pretty.

Step 1: Procedure bucket.

First of all, take a procedure bucket in which you want to do your pedicure. Add some amount of warm water to it as required. Add some bathing salt to your bucket else add shampoo if bath salt is not available. Add a little amount of salt to the solution and keep a lemon by your side. The mixture of shampoo and salt will remove the dirt from your feet and your foot nails. This will help you clean your feet.

Step 2: Remove nail paint.

If you have applied nail paint on your feet, remove it by using nail paint remover now. This is the time when your feet have become soft, and it becomes easy to dismiss extra dirt from your feet.

Step 3: Trimming nails.

After removing the nail paint trim or cut your nails a proper way and if you do something wrong it will lead to less growth of your nails. So make sure the procedure must be cautious. Because it will be excruciating for you. Try to keep smooth edges and round shape of your nails.

Step 4: Scrubbing

When you soak your feet in the mixture of warm water and salty shampoo, it helps to soften our feet, and when we want to remove dirt, its scrubbing becomes easier than before. Cleaning means to remove dead skin. Dead skin is mainly present on the heels of your feet. Your heels become soft after soaking them in warm water. It is the best treatment for cracked heels.

Step 5: Exfoliation.

After scrubbing again soak your feet in the warm water for 10 to 12 minutes and still wash your feets and apply foot mask over it. And the primary procedure is to do by keeping your toes open. This will help remove more dirt and will soften your feet more.

Step 6: Dry the feet.

Drying is the crucial step needs to take care of it. Use a dry towel to dry up your feet in the proper manner. This will help your face the real picture of your feet.

Step 7: Prepare the cuticles

Cuticles are the sensitive part of your feet. You need to remove the dirt properly from them, and the procedure is done very carefully. Because skins are often prone to injections if damaged. And you need to soak your feet back in the warm water.

Step 8: Cleaning

This time your nails become soft and try to scrub them with the help of the soft bristled brush. Be careful while cleaning your nails because your nails are weak and get damaged very often and could lead to feet injections.

Step 9: Massaging

After removing dead skin from your nails, your nails need a massage, and it can be done with the help of massaging oil. The procedure is very gentle and keep your nails moisturized always.

Step 10: Paint the nails.

Nw you can paint your nails because all the dirt have been removed from them.



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