10 Simple Rules You Should Follow to Create a Good Impression at the Dining Table


A person’s personality is reflected directly in the mannerisms he shows. We can quickly judge someone from table manners he shows. Table manners are not just “keeping up appearances.”  These explain our behavior, our ways, our etiquette. There should be the proper ways to a gathering or a job interview or an important meeting or a business or just a casual meeting as they signify and establish a connection to food and people around the table gathered.These table manners reflect your attitude towards the person sitting next to you.We often are taught these rules in our childhood, but do we employ them in our daily life?

So, here we present you with ten simple tips that you must care of while having dinner.

1. Never place your elbow on the table

The first and foremost rule is that you must never rest your elbow on the table. It is better to keep them along sides very close to the table so that you can effectively control your hand movements. It is ok to place your forearms on the table but not your forearms. If you feel restlessness, you can better position your arms on your lap.

2. Always put a napkin on your lap before beginning with the diet

Before starting with the meal, in fact, as soon as you are seated for having food, you should place your napkin on your lap which should be half-folded with the crease toward you. When you wish to leave the chair temporality, never forget to keep it on your chair as that is the signal that you will be back to your food. Remember never to wear your napkin like a cravat or a band.

3.Keep your phone off the table

It appears very rude or misbehaving to use your cell phone while having your meal. Therefore you should keep it aside in silent mode and should receive calls or messages only after having the dinner.

4. If you want something, ask the nearest person to pass it

Don’t try to reach for everything on the table just by yourselves for your stretching may cause trouble to your nearby person. Hence you should calmly ask the nearest one to pass it to you.

5. Chew the food with mouth closed

Your mouth shouldn’t look stuffed. Therefore you should take the small bite and must chew it properly with mouth closed. Also after having each bite, just place your fork on the table with its tines downwards. Yor should never speak with the food in your mouth. Smacking and slurping shouldn’t be done as they reflect bad manners.

6. Don’t shout for the waiter

It is very common that once we have decided what to order, we start screaming for the waiter, which is very sharp practice. Instead, we can just raise our hand a little or can as him through little eye contact to grab his attention.

7. Don’t pick your teeth at the table

If you need to pick your teeth during your meal, you should just go and do it in the restroom. Doing it there itself is a rude thing.

8. Excusing yourself from the table

When you need to leave the table for a reason, just be sure to say “Excuse me.”

9. Don’t drink while chewing

To prevent food leaving on the glasses which is terrible; you should make sure to wipe your mouth after eating or before drinking.

10. Place the fork and knife in this positions

To let others know, if you have finished with the food or you are returning, you can place your knife and fork in these positions.

So, from the next time you go for a meal, just don’t forget to imply these rules and then, you are just sure to create an excellent impression on the next one.


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