10 Mindblowing Denim Hacks!


Denim is the evermore trend. It never turns out of fashion. Be it summer or winter; denim saves the day. The blue wild and color soothe the symphony of vibrancy.


Travelling through eras, it has been selling like hot cakes. On every shelf, it holds a special place which for many coming years will remain the same. But the type of denim is always evolving. So to stay on the line, every girl should know these fantastic denim hacks. Denim is of various kinds, but the indigo denim is the most common. It is the most talked denim in the town.


Get your hands on these hacks while you can!


1. Testing the stretchability. 

Before buying any fabric, always check it’s quality, stretchability if possible. But for denim, the extent of stretch is significant. The material must have some scope of breathing otherwise it might prove suffocating.


For the instant solution of checking, stretch the jeans from the waistline and check if it regains the shape. If you’re checking it at home, then try on the jeans and practice for different seating and squatting positions. This gives a distinct idea.


2. Freeze Clean Denim

Regular washing is the best way to get rid of the unwanted bacteria and smell in the clothing. But proper exposure to washing and stress, the fabric starts to deplete. In such cases, what we can do is preserve the washed denim. Remove the spots and stains using a stain remover and let the fabric dry completely. Fold the clean or semi-cleaned jeans and keep it in a zip bag. Store the bag in the fridge and freeze it for 24hrs. After 24hrs, thaw and wear your denim.


3. Make your legs look longer.


Long sexy legs. Dreaming about those, aren’t we all ladies? Get this look by following some hacks. Fold the lower part of your jeans in small folds. Also, tuck in half of your sweater/ t-shirt/ sweatshirt to expose more denim. This provides a longer looking effect to your legs.


4. Cuff your jeans right with Ankle Boots.

There are different ways to carry your jeans with high ankled boots or shoes. Do not get those wrong. Always opt for a cuff while sporting a boot. When the boot is ankle length, hem the jeans in a single and wide fold. It adds a class to your styling and to the way you carry yourself.


5. Choose the right pair of footwear for your Denim.

Comfortable and complimentary footwear is essential. Choose the right pair of shoes for the outfit you’re wearing. Mixing up is a great way to escape the cliched gap between the traditional and new. For example, both high knee boots and ballerinas go well with skinny jeans. Similarly, bell bottom jeans compliment stilettoes and platform pumps.


6. Hacks to master the Boots look.


The key to master the knee-length boots is to fold and adequately cuff the jean’s hem. Firstly, wrap the jeans to the length you want. Fold the extra part of the jeans and pull over a sock and then wear the boots. There! You got the look.



7. Fix faded Denim Jeans.

Regular washing depletes the quality of the fabric. To prevent this use dye and restore the quality of denim.


8. Doing Original Hem.

The tailor does the work of sewing correctly the hem of the jeans, but one should know how to do it yourself. Measure the length of the jeans you want to hem and mark it using pins, stitch it with the help of a sewing machine. Cut out the extra hem of jeans to give a beautiful finish. Next, Iron it for a crease-free look. You got it!


9. Caring for your Denim.

Denim comes with a lot of care. To do so, one needs to be a little careful. The fabric must keep away from damp air as it gives a foul smell, regular heat and wind should be exposed. Freeze the denim to store its freshness. Use vodka to remove stains. Consider washing the denim with hands instead of the machine.


10. Distressing your Jeans.

Things you need: Chalk, a safety pin, tweezers, a box cutter, a magazine.


  • Set your denim straight and mark the areas you need to distress.
  • Slide a magazine or a newspaper beneath the mark to protect the back of your jeans. Then rip the fabric using a cutter to create horizontal slits and pull the threads using a safety pin.
  • Use tweezers to remove vertical threads.


Try out these fantastic hacks to save your denim!!







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