10 Life Hacks By Engineers Which Seems Stupid But Worked Very Well.


Engineers make new things. They are known for their hard word and innovative things they make. Sometimes the things they make can be funny but they are very useful.


Engineers are the one who finds the problem and then solves them in some different ways. the problem can be small or big. If you want to watch match and you can only watch it on your mobile, then engineers are the one who found that you can connect your mobile to a big screen in a different way. Many engineers do many different things. They see, analyse, think and then they bring something innovative. So here are some of the funny hacks by engineers which actually worked.


1. Imagine if you want to watch you favorite show on TV and suddenly you see that there is no signal on your TV. You are left with one choice that you have to watch the entire show on your mobile phone. Most people don’t like to watch there favourite show or match on a small screen. They prefer to watch it on a big screen. Engineer has thus inovated some thing very intresting. In this you can connect your Mobile to your TV set and watch your favourite show convinetly.

2. It some times happens that you want to connect you device to a projector or another Device but suddenly you notice that the wire pin is loose. The question which comes to your mind that what you are going to do now. Engineers have came up with something with which you can easily do you work without any problems or intruption.

3. In our homes it mostly happens that fridge door or dish washer door ia not working. It sometimes get loose due to high usage. And you can’t buy a new one. The best way to use the same damage one was given by an engineer. Just take you broom and lock it. Simple.

4. now immagine you are washing your dishes and suddenly you Broke the tap and you don’t have any thing to fix it. What you will do? Engineers have found a easy but a very funny solution for this problem. Just take a pipe bended from one side. Put that pipe on the hole from where you broke it and yes your tap is temporarily fixed for your use till the time you get it repaired.


5. if at your home your room door or any door at home broke and there is a hole in the door. You can not leave the door till you get someone who can repair it. So what you can do to fix it temporarily is that you can paste a newspaper or a thik paper on the hole. This is also funny but a very useful hacks by engineers.



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