10 Fabulous Hairstyles for Every Girl!


Braid, Dutch braid, messy buns, French braid, etc. Aren’t these of those we want to try out for ourselves.  Your natural hair, the ones that are left freely of tied into a pony, need a little bit of transformation now and then.

You’ll find hairstyles whether it’s a party or a regular day at work. This article will introduce you to various hairstyles. Hairstyle for a wedding is coordinated with the jewelry and the outfit you’re wearing.This post is for the girls who love to try different hairstyles every day. This one’s for the enthusiastic hairstylist in you.

Here are ten hairstyles for you, girl!


1. Front french braid with open, flowy hair:

This is a modification of the French braid. To make this hairstyle, Take a section of your hair from the front. Take care not to include a lot of hair, just a bunch. Starting from the very beginning of your hair, take few strands and divide them in 3. Start braiding them in a typical fashion and then keep adding thin strands of hair in every fold. This will create a waterfall type hairstyle, keep rest of your hair open.


2. Braided Veil:

Don’t fret, ladies. This isn’t a very complicated hairstyle to carry. It just requires few thin strands of hair forming the shape of a veil. Divide your hair in a middle partition. Start from the basic french braid with loose hair. Continue from both the sides and merge them to form a common braid in the middle. After you’ve done this, including loose bunch of hair as shown in the picture. Tada! Your veil hairstyles are ready. This is also known as the Waterfall Braid.


3. Twisted bow and braid on a ponytail:

This one is quite perky and exciting. It requires a little deal of practice. Girls, you’ll need to go through tutorials of the same. Here is a representation of this hairstyle. This hairstyle goes well with everyday outfits or for a cute romantic date. Also, this hairstyle imparts a luxurious look on you.


4. Zigzag Fishtail:

Fishtail hairstyles are one of the most elegant hairstyles. They create a sense of prettiness and sophisticated look. Fishtail in itself is very time taking; this one is a little difficult to carry out. You’ll have to create a fishtail from one side of your head, then to the next. Go through specific tutorials to master this hairstyle.


5. Waterfall towards the back:

This is a type of hairstyle which is suitable for almost every occasion. Like the French braid we did on the front hair, this one involves the back hair. This will give you a princess look with great charm. To carry out this hairstyle, start from the upper side area of your back hair, moving towards the other end.


6. Messy Bun:

The ever loved messy bun! This never fails to impress. All the celebrities sport this messy bun look flawlessly. Sport this hairstyle to get a quick hairdo before you leave for work! This makes you look formal even when you are sporting an informal look. Try this!


7. Puffed front hair:

This look which was sported very fashionably, Kim Kadarshian. This is probably the easiest hairstyle anyone could carry. Take your front hair and push them into a puff. Keep rest of your hair loose. This will give you a style like the Kadarshian! Even the Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone sported this look in one of her movies. Try this and look extremely trendy.


8. Flirty curls:

Curls! Who doesn’t love curls?! Be it a party or wedding, or even for a typical day grab your curler and go for this flirty curl!


9. Fishtail Braid:

Now try wearing the fishtail braid using your side hair! This hairstyle involves all your hair. This one’s one of the gorgeous hairstyles.


10. Curly hair+braids:

Try out back braids with curly hair. Follow the steps for back/ waterfall hairstyle and curl your hair from the end. This hairstyle is best suited for weddings!


Try out these fantastic hairstyles and turn around heads every day!

Best of luck!



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