10 ‘Easy’ Hairstyles To Do With A Straightener



Girls & Ladies Did you know, a straightener can do wonders to your hairs. It just not make your hairs stick straight but it can do much more than that. A single hair styling tool that we can use in multiple other ways. Gorgeous hairstyles make a lady even more impressive. By following the given tips given below you can style your hairs in many other different ways. These are the different ten hairstyles that are easy to make in a short period. A single hair straightener can create a magic in your life on many occasions where you want to look flawless.

Layered and Stunning Curls

By using the straightener from the roots increase the volume of your hairs. Folding the ends of your strands within the two brackets of the straightener, you can get layered and stunning curls at the bottom. Kinks at the bottom look very beautiful and make you gorgeous.

Beachy Waves

Wavy hairs look very simple and impressive in all ways. And the beachy waves are effortless to do. Very First you have to straighten your strands and then twist the straightener and then rotate it in one way till you catch mid of your hairs. You have to do it until you pass the end of the strands. Dreamy waves also put some heaviness to the noses and make your looks amazing.

Crimp Craze

The crimped look is also a fabulous look that you can add to your hairs. But this hairdos is little time-consuming. To get this super glam look, you have to take fragile sections of your strands, one by one, and converting them into pigtails. By gradually pressing these braids with the straightener each by each and after they get heated, open all the hairdos one by one. The heat of the straightener on each of the braids will give you a crazy crimped look. The main advantage of the crimps is that it will stay for long. You can finish it up with some hairspray, and it’s all set.

Quiff Cute

To get the cute quiff look, you have to blow dry our hairs first after the wash and then tie it to a ponytail, by leaving the flicks at the front loose. After that straighten your ponytail with the straightener and fold it to the mid-length upwards. Start working on the flick which we left loose in the front. And for the cute quiff, Rotate the straightener from the roots of your hairs. Then the flick will be styled in your way as you want that, and then you can set it with bob pins or by using hairspray.

Bombshell waves

The wavy bombshell hair look suits on long hairs. This hairstyle is effortless to make with a straightener. First, you have to straighten your strands, then make waves to them mid-length onwards. Do this hairstyle just by folding the straightener from where you want to start the waves and wrap all hairs around the straightener. The straightener will get slide down, and the waves will begin appearing. This effortlessly stylish look suits anyone with long hair.

Sleek Ponytail

To get a smooth ponytail, you have to straighten all your hairs first. In this, you have to take all your strands in hand at the crown. After that backcomb those hairs by taking sections. The dense hairs on the top can get secure by bob pins. Then tie your hairs in a sleek ponytail and divide it into 5-6 parts. After all that you have to straighten your pony hairs by taking each part. This hairdo of elegant ponytail gives you a fabulous look.


Side- Swept hairdo can make any guy fall in love with you. This stunning look is not trying to get. To get this hair look you have to blow dry your washed hairs first, and then keep your blow dried hairs at one side, and tie them up with bob pins. Then start creating waves by taking little-little sections, and start putting the wavy hairs on the other hand. We can do it by placing parts of your hairs between two clamps of the straightener. Do it till you reach the end and to all your hairs. You can use some bob pins and hairspray to settle them down.

Mermaid Curls


This fantastic look of mermaid curls suits with both Indian as well as western look. To do this hairstyle divide your hairs into four parts, i.e., two in the front and 2 in the back. By using a straightener part by part, rotate the hairs starting from the roots. By sliding down the straightener, lovely, shiny curls start appearing. This hairdo is little time-consuming, but in the end, it always gives you a fabulous look.

Bouncy Waves

If you want this bounce beauty, I’ll tell you to do it. It is not a complicated task to do. By using your fingers, you can make this hairdo. Use your finger to take a thin section of your hairs and fold them all around them to the end. With straightener press all your hairs gradually. After doing all that process, leave your strands slowly, and your bouncy waves are ready to go. You can do it very quickly.

Twists and Turns

Besides of keeping your hairs tidy, it sometimes looks good keep to your hairs messy. While trying different hairstyles with a straightener, we get along with this cool messy hairstyle. It seems very difficult to make but it quite comfortable. Just make a loose pigtail and fix at a few pieces of it to give it some volume. While doing this, pull out some hairs from it. And these are the hairs on which you have to work with a straightener to look gorgeous and get this look. Put the strands in straightener’s rod and gently twist the iron rod into many different directions. Anything that doesn’t suit this place them in a braid with the help of bob pin and there you go, Your romantic hairstyle is ready.



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