10 Best Certified Movies Based On Road Trips Check It Out You Gonna Love it


So we all love watching movies, but the thing is all of us have some taste about that either it comes to film or food. So, yeah I’m talking about the movies that are based on road trips. These are movies which are usually liked by everyone of us and are even watched on their releasing. But some of us being busy are not able to watch movies and when free than find those one are tremendously the best one of all. So, Road trips are those part of life which can be traveled smoothly with friends or family. It is the way to heal our soul by relaxing. All these casting movies had given us so much of happiness and even brought strength in our teens. These movies are the visual part of life but give us a big inspiration also. Thus, these road trip movies have good dramatization and these have made the big piece in the industry. So, have a look below on the content which will provide you the best road trip movies!

1. Y Tu Mamá También (2001)-

This is the best movie ever made based on the road trip. It was cast in 2001 and was loved throughout the public that time and will even beloved now as it is the mixture of all the emotional either funny or romantic. This movie is so much stylish as well. When the film ends up, then you will realize that this movie was full of all types of emotion. Must watch it!

2. Into the Wild (2007)-

So, this movie is based on the true story of the Chris McCandless, and this movie is based on the last four months he traveled. This movie has a novel with the same name. This movie included that Chris was obsessed with place name Alaska and wanted to stay there. It was his ultimate demise. This movie also received awards and praise.

3.  Rain Man (1988)-

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman do this movie; They played their roles well in the film. This movie is funny and explains a story of a young teen who had discovered his estranged brother. This movie won the award when the movie was in nomination with other seven movies. Even the character played by Hoffman is the real character. This movie is the best-made movie even in contrast to other movies as well.

4. The Straight Story (1999)-

So, this movie is so heart touching. It is so emotional, and David directs it. This movie is based on the character named Alvin who lives with his daughter; She is mentally disabled but lovable character. This movie is of the time when world war two is going on the video. In the movie, when Alvin finds that his estranged brother is in stroke, then he travels a road trip to meet him. This movie received Oscar, and this movie is such a loving movie.

5. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)-

This movie is revolving around the nine years old character named Olive Hooper and her family. In this movie full family travels and calls Olive to be their Little Miss Sunshine. This movie has received two Oscar awards and faced in four nominations. Must watch this movie!

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