Don’t we all love trying out new hairstyles now and then? Be it curls or straight silky style; though the choice of hairstyle varies from person to person. Curls are loved all over the world by every girl! Don’t you, ladies?

Beach waves are the trending types of curls, but you know what you could try out this styles at home! It’s just a matter of technique; which we are going to introduce through this article.

There are many types of curls sported naturally by women. They are wavy, curly, coily or kinky. Curly hair is the most loved.

Get long-lasting curls with these techniques!

1. Braided Curls:

One of the effortless ways to get curls is by braids. Depending on the intensity of curls you want, braid your hair. If you wish to have frizzy curls; make a tight twist and for soft, beachy curls; create a loose braid.


2. Curl using fingers:

For getting instant curls, use your fingers. When your hair is moist, with your fingers, create patterns of spirals. This will give a short curl to your hair. Or the best way is to curl your hair permanently using the curler. This locks your hair into shape.


3. Spray to lock your curls:

Once you’ve styled your hair with a curler, secure it with hairspray. This way the curls will last longer than regular. When you apply a serum or spray to your hair, it locks your hair structures in a shape you’ve styled.


4. Begin styling from the root of hair:

If you want a natural-looking curl, start from the heart of your hair. This will result in longer and fuller curls, giving it a natural curl.


5. Curl with the help of a pony:

For a quick curl, make a high pony as it covers a more significant portion of hair. Then using a curler start styling it through the base of your pony. When you loosen your hair, you’ll have your beach waves ready! This one can be achieved in just a matter of few minutes. Go on, try it out!


6. Start with smaller sections:

For a longer lasting curl, start with a small portion of hair. Create small sections of your hair, mark them and begin your styling. This ensures accurate and best results. As it is said, small make it massive!


7. Play with the angle of curler:

For trying out different types of curls, apply the curler from various aspects. For example, if you wish for loose curls; style the lower portion of hair keeping your curler parallel to your head, for tight curls; sue the curler close to your hair and wrap around your hair tightly leaving minimum space for errors. Try out other angles for more diverse shapes.


8. Make the best out of your Straightener:

Straightener can also be used for creating curls. All you have to do is to part your hair in sections and then wrap it around the straightener for best results. Don’t forget to do from top to bottom.


9. Make curls using Pins:

Hairpins are the most comfortable tools for getting curls at home. When your hair is slightly moist, take a bunch of your hair and round it in a shape of a circle, secure it on your head with a hairpin. Leave it to dry for some time and then open your hair. TADA! Your curls are ready. You can try this when you have a busy schedule but are having a party, go on with other chores but don’t mind getting the curls!


10. Curls like a spring:

As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds of coils one can have. Get the spring curl with simple steps; starting from the base of your hair begin curling your hair by wrapping it tightly around the curler. This will give you a springform curl.


Try these out and let us know!


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