10 Amazing Strategies to Lose Weight when You Are On a Diet


Losing weight is not for a fool. It requires a hefty amount of hard work and dedication. We all have once in our lifetime said, “My weight keeps fluctuating.” Well, more than once! I admit!

Time Magazine conducted a survey stating that 13 out of 14 contestants of The Biggest Loser gained more weight right after a few months, in fact, an eminent scientist, Dr. Kevin Hall at the National Institutes of Health said that there is this notion of why bother to try since most of the dieters want to lose weight quickly but at the same time end up gaining more weight. But, if you’re someone who wishes to lose weight but keeps gaining it back, this article is definitely for you. Here we present you some tips:

1. Know your Motives

If you wish to follow your diet plan strictly, know your motives. Remeber what motivates you and what pushed you to go on a diet. It is of utmost importance to think and identify the driving force for a reason to dieting, was it the desire to sport a perfect bikini body, or look better, might be for running a marathon, slimming down for an upcoming event, or just to be healthy. Any goal without a motive is difficult to achieve.


2. Set Goals that are Realistic

The next step is to set goals that are realistic. When you’re planning on something, start with goals that are smaller and easier to achieve, and when you’ve succeeded in achieving your goal, move on to the next level of it. And before you realize, you’re closer to your goal. An ideal target sounds like:” I wish to lose 4-5 pounds in 2 weeks.” Create a deadline for yourself and work your hardest to achieve the goal in the given time, this way you’ll increase your efficiency and attributes. An unrealistic goal sounds like:”I want to shed 10-pound in 2 weeks” Now, here the goal is impossible to achieve because even if you starve yourself out, you’ll max out at 7-pounds. So, it’s important to be realistic when you’re deciding your goals.


3. Keep a Regular check on your Body Composition and Weight

To Keep a regular check on your body weight and dimensions is essential. Check your body weight and get your body composition analysis (BCA) done. Your results of BCA will tell you about your Body Mass Index (BMI) which will direct if needed towards the direction of obesity. It will provide you with a measuring tool, how much fat and muscle your body needs to burn and utilize. It will, in turn, help your dietitian or trainer understand what kind of diet your body needs to follow.


4. Set a Visual Cue

A visual cue can prove to be the best motivator for you. Ask one of your friends to help you out. Now, when you begin, click a picture of your body. Then when you’re halfway down the path, click another picture and compare your level of progress. That way you can keep track of your progress pace and also a watch on how you need to proceed.


5. Plan your Diet Well

Diet is the main key when you’re thinking about losing weight. You need to maintain a healthy diet which does not include high amounts of carbs or fats. When you plan your diet, make sure to include everything that is essential, or else, you will be compromising highly with your health. Create a chart for yourself or note down in a diary about the food you’ve decided to intake along the week. Plan and prepare for your meal in advance. Bring all the required ingredients a day before intake. This will ensure the integrity and punctuality.


6. Don’t rely on Drastic Diet Plans

Those fancy diets you come across, aren’t they tempting? But don’t you believe them even for a moment. They look good where they are. When you’re beginning something, don’t try to enact a plan that you’re aware that you won’t be able to follow. Create your own, comfortable plan which you will follow. Make sure not to alter drastic decisions and habits from your daily lifestyle to avoid heat days. Also, the chances of a cheat day are higher when you follow a diet stricter than your regular diet. So, keep this in mind.


7.  Toss Away Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy and junk food are the major distraction and temptations when you’re on a diet. It’s like they call out for you, so, it’s better to kick them out of your eyes and fix to your goal. Before you are all over the unhealthy food, kick them out and say hello to your new friends who’ll help you lose weight and lead you to achieve your goal. Bye-bye junk food! Hello, healthy food!


8. Stock your Kitchen with all types of Healthy Food

The best way to let go of the unhealthy cravings is to discard them and in turn stock yourself with healthy foodstuff. Include eateries such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, proteins, etc. This way, when you feel hungry, you won’t hog on the tempting food but only be left with healthy ones. This will eventually become a part of your daily and healthy lifestyle.

9. Workout with a Partner or some Friends

When you plan out your exercising schedule with a partner, your chances of skipping the scheduled reduces by half. It is proven that when two people together decide on working out, their efficiency increases by 30%. So, working out with a partner or with a group will always be beneficial for you. It is also advisable because it makes the session interesting and enjoyable. But, if you’re worried about not having any workout partner then ask your trainer to introduce you to a buddy.


10. Eat at Home

Meals cooked at home are the best for your body. The type of oil, the number of carbs and every other thing that might alter your progress can be held under control. You need to keep a check on your calorie intake and eat healthy most of the time. Here’s a fact: healthy food doesn’t take much time to cook. You could cook a delicious meal of oats under 30 minutes, and guess what, it’s incredibly healthy.


So, ladies, these were some tips for you. Hope you will achieve your goal towards the beautiful and newer you. Best of Luck!


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